A new electronic device can measure the actual operating hours of hydraulic pumps, compressors, motors, engines, or virtually any other type of equipment. Recently introduced by Shockwatch, Dallas, the RF Hourmeter sends run-time information via wireless network (802.11 b or g) to either local or remote computers running the companion management software. The Java-based software supports client, server, or Internet capabilities.

The Shockwatch RF Hourmeter can monitor three independent inputs, such as keyswitch, drive motor, and hydraulic motor. Built-in alert capabilities can be programmed to notify operators of the need for an oil change, filter change, or preventive maintenance, such as diagnostics. An instant alert can even send messages via e-mail.

The device is equipped with LED operating status indicators — power on/off, active input, RF connected to local wireless network, not connected, or connected to RF Hourmeter software. The wireless reporting capability reduces maintenance costs due to less manpower retrieving information from scattered pieces of equipment, as well as more accurate preventive maintenance.

It can be applied to stationary or mobile equipment. Typical applications include; lift trucks, cranes, earthmoving equipment, compressors, presses, and welding machines. Officials point out its suitability for rental equipment — not only to aid in calculating rental charges, but to keep track of scheduled maintenance more effectively. However, the core benefits of the RF Hourmeter are intended for public utilities, municipalities, contractors, and other organizations that need to keep track of actual operating hours, rather than the calendar.

For more information, contact Shockwatch at (800) 527-9497, or visit www.shockwatch.com