The McNeilus ZR Series went into production in May 2010 and is already proving to be the fastest side loader in the industry.

Packer cycle time is typically a factor in how fast an operator can finish a route. On highly dense routes where houses are close together, operators of conventional side loaders often had to wait for the hopper to clear the loading chamber before loading another garbage can. To date, operators have not had to wait for the ZR packer to clear. They just go from can to can without slowing down.

During two test trials, the ZR side-loader finished identical routes in about two hours less than other McNeilus side-loaders. The 20% improvement in productivity is a direct result of the fast arm and packer cycle times achieved by the POD system. Based on previous test results of similar trucks equipped with POD systems, the ZR side-loader also has the potential to save up to 15% on fuel consumption compared to a conventional fixed-displacement gear pump system.

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