If you pump your own fuel at a self-serve gas station, chances are, you've usually relied on products manufactured by OPW, Cincinnati. That's because nearly 80% of refueling nozzles in the U. S. are made by Dover Corp.'s OPW Div. OPW is also a major player in swivel joints, vapor recovery components and systems, spill containment systems, and underground piping. At 250,000 ft 2, OPW's Cincinnati headquarters houses the industry's largest and most advanced research, development, and manufacturing facility.

In addition to its impressive R&D efforts, OPW has taken advantage of all the latest manufacturing techniques to maintain its enviable 80% market share — computer-aided design and manufacturing, rapid prototyping, automated machining centers, automated and robotic assembly, and quality certification and supply chain management programs.

Not surprisingly, OPW relies heavily on pneumatics for a significant portion of its production operations.But what is surprising is an extensive use of low-tech pneumatic applications that have become instrumental to the efficiency, productivity, and safety of OPW's operations.

You'll find a multitude of commonplace pneumatic systems throughout OPW's Cincinnati plant for accomplishing such routine functions as opening and closing of guards, operating presses, opening and closing of clamps, and providing motion for a variety of production machine components.

You'll also find dozens of machines fitted with air logic circuits that ensure the safety of operators. In fact, fluid logic is essential to the operation of the automatic shutoff feature found on all self-serve refueling nozzles. (When fuel reaches a small tube inside the nozzle, air flow through the tube is blocked, which trips a mechanism that shuts of the fill valve.)