Okay. You’ve designed your hydraulic system, you’ve figured out the best routing paths for connecting the fluid lines, but there’s a problem: a component port or fitting you have to connect to is facing the wrong way. Murphy’s law wins again.

In order to make a clean connection, you’ll have to specify a hose or tubing assembly to make a wide 90° or 180° turn. The distance is too far to use a couple 45° or 90° elbows, so you’ll have to specify a section of hose or tube to span the distance. And if the radius is too tight for hose, you’ll have to go with tubing.

A more convenient and less costly solution was recently introduced by Air-Way Mfg. Co., Olivet, Mich. Air- Way’s new Direct Connect product line provides a wide 90° or 180° connection. Some of the advantages of Direct Connect include:

  • improved hose assembly routing
  • increased hose life
  • easier replacement of hose assemblies when necessary
  • reduced stress on 45° and 90° hose end assemblies
  • utilizes straight hose ends for easy assembly while reducing costs
  • lower pressure drop through the assembly tan with alternative solutions.

For details on Direct Connect products, call (800) 253-1036, e-mail sales@air-way.com, or visit www.air-way.com.