Using anything other than the best fluid formulation for an application can result in excessive wear, shortened fluid life, oxidation, corrosion, contamination, degradation of equipment, and warranty issues. Also be prepared for serious financial consequences: labor to drain the old fluid; labor to replace the fluid; the fluid itself; lost productivity while equipment is down; fluid disposal.

Obviously, then, collaborating with your fluid supplier to select the best fluid formulation for each application is the best way to have a positive impact on your bottom line. You can pay initially for the right fluid and protection for your application and environment. Or you can pay for the downtime and repair costs associated with using

the incorrect fluid. Considering the high cost of your hydraulic equipment, the fluid is not the sensible place to cut corners. You have the power to prevent the problems and costs associated with using the wrong fluid in your equipment.

Base oil categories

Group Description % saturates % aromatics % sulphur Viscosity index
I Solvent-refined mineral oil < 90 > 10 > 0.03 80 to < 120
II Hydroprocessed > 90 < 10 < 0.03 80 to < 120
III Hydrocracked > 90 < 10 < 0.03 120+
IV Polyalphaolefins        
V All others        

Oil drain intervals
Construction equipment manufacturer Oil drain interval - hr
Previous interval Current interval
Komatsu 2000 5000
Hitachi 2500 4000
Caterpillar 2000 4000
Sumitomo 2000 5000
Volvo 2000 4000
JCB 1000 3000
Requires all-year, multigrade oil

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