Air hose and tubing

Nitra pneumatic hose and tubing comes in new styles, including bonded polyurethane tubing, which is available in 532 to 12-in. and 4 to 12-mm sizes in 50-ft lengths. Polyurethane coiled tubing comes in single, double, and triple bonded configurations with double and triple coils. It is available in sizes from 532 to 38 in. and 4 to 10 mm. Hoses include reinforced polyurethane straight, as well as coiled and reinforced coiled styles. Available in 14 and 38-in. sizes, they come with one rigid and one swivel fitting. Types include reinforced polyurethane (25 and 50 ft) and coiled and reinforced coiled (8, 12 and 16 ft).

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