Brazilian equipment manufacturer Jacto has 55 years of experience developing machines that meet, and often exceed, their customers' expectations. For this reason, Jacto has the majority of the Brazilian market share and also sells its products in more than 80 other countries. Although the company produces electric vehicles, coffee harvesters, high-pressure washers, and water treatment systems, Jacto is focused on the agricultural sprayer segment. To meet their customers' need for reliable and long-lasting equipment, the company relies heavily on the reliability of components making up the hydraulic system.

Model CDS directional valves from Sauer-Danfoss used in the Jacto sprayers offer improved fluid control, retaining more power for the hydraulic work function. The modular design allows for control of various work functions from one valve stack, thereby simplifying machine design, plumbing and pump applications.

The control handles can be mounted in various orientations, giving equipment engineers more flexibility in applications, resulting in easier handling by operators. A cornerstone component in the South American heavy equipment industry, CDS valves are also now available in North America for use in construction and agricultural mobile equipment.

"The CDS stack valves have been responding positively, to help us ensure that our farmers can continue to have the confidence they have had in the Jacto brand," says João Raphael Bossay, plant manager, self-propelled vehicles.

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