Pneumatic actuators add to E.T. excitement

  • Apr 17, 2013

    Electrohydraulics runs giant elephant

    Gigantic. Majestic. Futuristic. Even scary. Those are just some of the words that describe the Great Elephant at Machines of the Isle, in Nantes, France, birthplace of science fiction pioneer Jules Verne. Not surprisingly, something this big uses the power and control of hydraulics....More
  • Apr 12, 2013

    Water hydraulics in your back yard?

    I received an email this morning from a company looking for hydraulic component suppliers for their innovative backyard swimming pool design. And visiting their site, seeing their pictures and video, have made me wish I could have such a pool (but never will, alas!)...More
  • Aug 22, 2010

    There's no business like...

    Through the years, I've been fortunate enough to sometimes write and edit article dealing with the entertainment industry. These usually involved thrill rides at amusement parks but also included special effects used in movies and in live theater. Developing these articles generally turns up much more information than space allows to print or that deviates from the magazine's focus of system design....More
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