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Alan became a technical editor in 1981 and joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 1987. After serving in the US Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, he graduated with a BS in engineering technology from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, while working as an industiral service coordinator and project manager at an industrial distributor. He has taken technical courses in fluid power and electronic and digital control at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and has served on several industry committees.

Articles by Alan Hitchcox
Make sure your remedy isn’t worse than the disease
Clean oil samples are quick and easy with the OilMiser plug and sampling valve. Once installed on a machine, it ensures cleanliness of samples taken while keeping contaminants out of a ...
Air-powered gun battles alien invaders
Invasive species have already claimed tens of millions of our trees, and pneumatics offers armament for an effective counter-attack.
PM — dull, except to the bottom line
While attending the Reliable Plant Conference & Expo, held in Columbus September 1 to 3, one of the speakers said something I thought was pretty profound, but he seemed to just ...
Drive keeps ships on the move
If an oceangoing vessel becomes disabled, an emergency drive can take it out of harm’s way to avert disaster to the environment and to a company’s bottom line.
My go-to guy is gone
I think we all have found someone in our careers whom we view as our number-one source of information for a particular topic. For me, Bud Trinkel was that guy when it came to fluid power circuits. Bud passed away about two months ago, and he ...
Dual transmission captures best of both worlds
Edited by Alan L. Hitchcox, editor Vehicle drive systems use a drive technology that best serves the application. On-highway vehicles typically use mechanical, geared transmissions or hydrodynamic automatic transmissions in combination with gears. ...
Rodless cylinder helps improve lift safety
Articulated arm uses a cable cylinder to lift, balance, and move payloads. It also simplifies design to reduce manufacturing costs.
Couplings help off-highway machines do multi-tasking
Edited by Alan L. Hitchcox Grouping several quick-acting hydraulic couplings into a single manifold allows connecting all hydraulic lines in one step. The hand lever provides the leverage for a person to generate the ...
A time to build up. . .
To everything, there is a season, and those attending the Industrial Economic Outlook Conference learned that our economy is entering a season of recovery. Conducted by the National Fluid Power Association, this annual conference was held in ...
Keep hose on the straight and narrow
Hose carriers ensure long life, reliable operation of directional boring machines.
Sensor monitors energy contained in accumulators
Simplified drawing explains operation of SL720 position sensor and shows major components. Hybrid hydraulic drives use accumulators to store kinetic energy from braking as hydraulic energy instead of braking a vehicle ...
Electrohydraulics saves energy in excavator
Doosan’s DX180LC excavator has designed-in features to boost efficiency and performance over the machine’s predecessors. Many of these benefits can be attributed to a redesigned hydraulic system, such as variable-displacement ...
Let your voice be heard
Probably the best leads for companies come from satisfied customers. If you’re happy with a product, you’ll probably purchase it again. You’re also likely to share your satisfaction with colleagues. However, companies want to grow, so how do ...
Vacuum upgrades packaging machine
Herr Foods maintains commitment to sustainable manufacturing with pump retrofit.
Harvest time for hydraulic fluids
Many of us in the Great Lakes area of North America look forward to late spring and early summer because it’s when strawberries ripen. So instead of having to tolerate the store-bought berries that are mostly white inside and have little ...
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