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Alan became a technical editor in 1981 and joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 1987. After serving in the US Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, he graduated with a BS in engineering technology from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, while working as an industiral service coordinator and project manager at an industrial distributor. He has taken technical courses in fluid power and electronic and digital control at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and has served on several industry committees.

Crab boat catches huge fuel savings
Running a vessel’s engine at optimum speed and using hydraulics to drive a generator can cut daily fuel costs in half.
Hydraulics goes off spring brakes
Hydrostatic transmissions are widely used to drive and decelerate just about every type of mobile equipment. But when a machine is at rest, any of several spring-applied brakes can be used to ensure that the machine remains at rest.
Meeting demands in die casting
It’s hard to beat die casting for spitting out metal components rapidly and with consistent quality. The challenge comes in achieving both simultaneously. For machines powered by hydraulics, this requires precise control of speed and position for high ...
How to get the big guys started
Starting an engine with a displacement of 5000 cu-in. requires the high power density, durability, and reliability of hydraulics.
Compressed air gives a boost to rotary drilling
Low-pressure, high-volume air flow system provides power and force needed for rotary rock drilling.
Protecting hydraulic components is key to lift longevity
Aerial work platforms can subject hydraulic hose assemblies and exposed piston rods to damage from welding and other manufacturing operations in shipbuilding.
Try this with Google
Alan Hitchcox editor What makes our “Designer’s Guide” different from other databases of fluid power components and suppliers? After all, other magazines have directories for fluid power components. And a few ...
Servopump lowers machine cost of ownership

A trend in industrial hydraulic power unit design has been to use a variable-speed electric drive to power a fixed-displacement hydraulic pump. Although the concept has been toyed with for decades, it wasn’t until today’s high-speed controls, quick-response motors, and sophisticated software came together to produce motor-pump combinations that have the power and responsiveness of their electrohydraulic valve controlled counterparts.

Get the drop on water
Water can wreak heavy damage in a hydraulic system. The most effective step in damage control is to keep it out from the beginning.
So why visit our website?
Watch TV, and most commercials you see will urge you to visit the advertiser’s website. That’s not surprising, but lately I’ve seen ads that give you little information and implore you to visit the website for details. So rather than provide you with ...
Vacuum switches
Switches convert vacuum ranging from -0.85 bar to -0.15 bar into an electrical switching signal. They work with a membrane and are available in multiple configurations.
Keep air, dirt, and moisture out of reservoirs
A hydraulic system’s reservoir may pose the greatest challenge for keeping dirt and moisture out of a system. That’s because fluid level constantly rises and falls as a machine cycles. Fluid leaving the reservoir is replaced by ambient air from the ...
New design calls for innovative hydraulics
An innovative forage harvester from CNH Case New Holland resulted from teamwork between engineers and a hydraulics supplier.
Multimedia learning is coming
We’re always looking for ways to make all facets of Hydraulics & Pneumatics more useful — whether it be our flagship print and digital magazines, website, e-books, e-newsletters, or whatever. If you’ve been to our website, you’ve probably noticed ...
Hydraulic servopress works without valves
Valveless hydraulic drive converts standard press into servopress.
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