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Alan became a technical editor in 1981 and joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 1987. After serving in the US Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, he graduated with a BS in engineering technology from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, while working as an industiral service coordinator and project manager at an industrial distributor. He has taken technical courses in fluid power and electronic and digital control at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and has served on several industry committees.

Safety product data library released
Ross Controls, Troy, Mich., recently released a safety product data library designed for use with Safety Integrity Software Tool for the Evaluation of Machine Applications (SISTEMA), which was developed by the Institute for ...
Drives hold up to bumps and grinds
Municipal solid waste grinders have to stand up to varying and unpredictable loads, including overloads and heavy shock.
Tunnel stretches two miles under Lake Michigan
A giant tunnel boring machine excavated a 134-mi long tunnel 200 ft below Lake Michigan to route cooling water to a new power plant. The machine uses a hydraulic fluid with favorable performance and environmental ...
Unloader is strong, fast, and light on its feet
Edited by Alan L. Hitchcox Huge but nimble: the Portalink ship unloader relies on hydraulics not only for unloading, but also to drive its wheels, so it can vacate valuable port space when not in use. More than 90% of today’s goods are ...
Speed regulator
Edited by Alan Hitchcox Model Super-K Kinechek regulates the speed or feed rate of moving machine elements for smooth motion at a constant velocity. They come in 4- or 6-in. strokes within a short overall length and with leak proof operation. ...
Product release: Heat exchangers
Mobile MA heat exchangers feature brazed aluminum P-bar plate and bar core technology engineered with an aggressive turbulator that produces high heat transfer for flow rates from 2 to 150 gpm. Rated to 250 psi at temperatures to 300° F ...
Edited by Alan Hitchcox PTAM20 Positilt inclinometers come in single- or dual-axis versions and use MEMS technology for compact (14 high; <2-in. diameter) size. Measurement range for single-axis version ranges from ±15° to ±180°. Dual-axis ...
Open-circuit piston pumps
Edited by Alan Hitchcox A hydromechanical torque control option has been added to 420 open-circuit piston pumps. They automatically sense heavy loads and adjust hydraulic flow accordingly. Redesigned pump housing decreases airborne noise to ...
Taking the pressure under two miles of water
Maintaining a gas precharge in accumulators operating under 5000 ft of water posed a challenge for operators of offshore oil rigs. A solution to meet this challenge is a new line of bladder accumulators rated for 10,000 psi ...
Heat exchangers
Mobile MA heat exchangers feature brazed aluminum P-bar plate and bar core technology engineered with an aggressive turbulator that produces high heat transfer for flow rates from 2 to 150 gpm. Rated to 250 psi at ...
Hydraulics deserves a gold medal
You may have heard how hydraulics was blamed for a mishap in the opening ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Four pillars were supposed to extend from the floor and converge at a center cauldron. Four Canadian celebrities were then ...
Single ferrule fittings
Edited by Alan Hitchcox Brass and 316 stainless steel single-ferrule fittings are available in sizes from 116 to 2 in. Their design makes incorrect installation difficult because of fewer pieces than with other types of fittings. ...
ISO air cylinders
Edited by Alan Hitchcox ISO 6431 compliant air cylinders have adjustable air cushions at both ends and magnetic pistons in seven bore sizes from 32 to 125mm, with strokes to 1000 mm. Machined male rod thread with jam nut also standard. Extruded ...
Smart cylinders maintain the gap
Make hay while the sun shines is an old saying still in use, but it’s literal application became somewhat obsolete when lights on tractors and other farm equipment became commonplace. As with any modern process, making hay ...
Hydraulic Integrated Circuits Provide Big Payoffs
Save space and weight, reduce leakage, boost reliability, simplify troubleshooting, and lower costs — all by specifying hydraulic integrated circuits.
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