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Alan became a technical editor in 1981 and joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 1987. After serving in the US Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, he graduated with a BS in engineering technology from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, while working as an industiral service coordinator and project manager at an industrial distributor. He has taken technical courses in fluid power and electronic and digital control at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and has served on several industry committees.

Hydraulic servopress works without valves
Valveless hydraulic drive converts standard press into servopress.
SIL 2 certified control improves vehicle performance, efficiency, and productivity
Sauer-Danfoss recently launched its new Automotive Control (AC), which offers OEMs a complete SIL 2 (Safety Integrity Level 2 according to IEC 61508) certified transmission system that significantly ...
Precise control is easy with pneumatics
Pneumatics technology controls force, motion and displacement with high accuracy and low friction.
Safe application of 3-position air valves
Compressed air can be quite powerful, so even the smallest actuators can pose a hazard. Here are some tips to help ensure the safety of your designs.
Sensors provide remote monitoring of valve actuators
Rugged operating conditions, explosive and hostile environments, and the requirement for high reliability typical of equipment used in the oil and gas industry place tough demands on actuator position sensors. ...
Hooked on hydraulics
When you need to haul mining equipment from place to place, you don’t just hook up a trailer hitch. Special hydraulically actuated towing and trailer equipment is used.
Multi-function actuators position food trays
Fast cycling, clean operation, and precise positioning makes pneumatics a natural for food packaging equipment.
Compact motors keep sweepers simple
Johnston Sweepers use MS02 and MS05 cam-lobe type motors from Poclain Hydraulics. The motors feature oversized ports for low heat generation and have multiple integrated features for a simple design and to reduce assembly costs. Street ...
Hydraulic fan drives keep train on schedule
Norway’s PMC Servi AS recently retrofitted a Duewag NSB Type 92 locomotive with a variable-speed hydraulic fan drive. The drive dramatically reduced machine downtime, and the reverse-purge feature of its electronic control ...
Air motors stand up to abuse
Pneumatically powered motors operate safely in dirty, wet, and hot environments, often making them a better choice than electric motors.
Performance under pressure
Pressure-control valves are found in almost every hydraulic system, and they help accomplish a variety of functions.
Will we follow a Rolling Stone?
Rolling Stone magazine recently announced that it would start charging a fee for users to have full access to its website. I’m sure most people who access the website regularly will grumble, but from a business standpoint, the plan makes ...
Advanced design saves fuel and money
Self-contained power unit saves fuel while supplying hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical power.
Motor lends itself to hydraulic fan drives
Sauer-Danfoss’ D series cast iron fan drive gear motor now offers an integrated valve that matches fan speed to cooling demand. It also reverses fan rotation for radiator cleaning. ...
Handbook on electrohydraulics
Edited by Alan L. Hitchcox Technical Handbook has 28 pages of information on electrohydraulic components, including generic explanation of basic proportional digital control. Contains numerous performance curves, diagrams, and tables on ...
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