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Alan became a technical editor in 1981 and joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 1987. After serving in the US Army as a wheeled vehicle mechanic, he graduated with a BS in engineering technology from Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, while working as an industiral service coordinator and project manager at an industrial distributor. He has taken technical courses in fluid power and electronic and digital control at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee and has served on several industry committees.

Loading relief valve meets DIN standard

Almo Manifold & Tool Co., East Tawas, Mich., offers a slip-in cartridge-style, solenoid-operated loading relief valve that conforms to the DIN 24342 (ISO 7368) standard. The design promises faster response and lower leakage rates than larger conventional spool-type valves. These valves accommodate pressures to 5,000 psi and maximum flow from 50 to more than 700 gpm.

Mulcher’s motor provides performance versatility
Erskine Attachments’ painstakingly designed offerings tackle debris with ease.
Nuggets from networking

We began covering the IFPE Technical Conference decades long before it was called the IFPE Technical Conference. I found a few well-worn bound copies of the proceedings of the National Conference on Fluid Power (predecessor of the IFPE Technical Conference) from 1948, 1950, and other years from more than 50 years ago on the shelves of our archives.

Schedule for IFPE Technical Conference has been released

IFPE 2014 will be the place to be to learn about all things fluid power. As they have since 2002, IFPE and ConExpo will be held simultaneously at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This year’s Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, March 4 through Saturday, March 8, with the IFPE Technical Conference running Wednesday, March 5 through Friday, March 7. Conference sessions will be held in the South Hall Bridge meeting Complex.

Free fluid power mini-seminars offered at IFPE and ConExpo/ConAgg
Pressed for time in Las Vegas? Get a serious tast of fluid power by attending one or more of our free quick and convenient 1-hr mini seminars.
IFPE offers college-level short courses and free seminars
IFPE’s half-day continuing education courses offer hands-on technical knowledge in hydraulics and pneumatics technologies
Respect seals – they’ve earned it

Compared to other components in a fluid-power system, the low cost of seals doesn’t earn them much respect. However, rod seals perform one of the toughest jobs in a fluid-power system. They must squeeze the piston rod tight enough to prevent pressurized fluid from leaking out of the cylinder. But if they squeeze too hard, they’ll wear prematurely and maybe even damage the piston rod surface. Not only that, seals must prevent leakage at high pressure, low pressure, varying temperatures, a wide range of rod speeds, and when systems sit idle for days on end.

Checklist for matching air cylinders to load requirements

When applications involve linear motion, high speed, and moderate loads, air cylinders are often the first choice to provide the actuation. Compressed air is available as a utility at almost every industrial facility, and economical air cylinders can be obtained from many manufacturers. One of the most fundamental

The most-powerful seal test bench in the world

Installed in a specially constructed well, an 18-ton, 260‑kW floating-mount rod seal test bench is located at Trelleborg’s research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany. The machine is capable of simulating the patterns of movements and stresses faced by hydraulic rod seals in some of the most-demanding rod-seal applications, such as aircraft landing gear, injection-molding machines, and mining excavators.

Machine Tool and Automation Show Scheduled for Milan, Italy October 2015
Organizers introduce general commissioner and information about the event.
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