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Mary C.
Associate Editor,
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Mary joined Hydraulics & Pneumatics in 2005. She graduated from Boston University’s
College of Communication in 1998 with a BA in Journalism. She began her career as a business reporter at a daily newspaper in Greater Cleveland. Prior to joining the H&P staff, she worked in public relations.

MEMS-based inclinometer
Edited By Mary C. Gannon PTAM27L series inclinometer is based on MEMS technology for single and dual axis tilt angle measurement. For single axis, measurement ranges span ±15° to ±180° in increments of 15°. For dual axis, measurement ranges span ...
Protective hose covers
Pirtektor abrasion resistant cover for hydraulic hoses was tested to ISO6945, and showed a high level of abrasion resistance when compared against hoses made with both standard and specialized rubber coverings. They are ...
Linear-position sensors
Edited By Mary C. Gannon Absolute, non-contact Temposonics Model RF position sensors can be installed in tight spaces with measuring ranges up to 20 m. They detect curvilinear measurements at minimum radius of 200 mm. Repeatability is 0.0025 mm and ...
Oil filtration system
Edited By Mary C. Gannon Magnetic oil filters capture and contain ferrous materials circulating in an oil system to extend life of hydraulic system components and oil. By reducing friction within the system, machines run cooler, quieter, and longer. ...
Linear position transducer
Micropulse PF-series linear transducer provides accurate, reliable linear position feedback in a sleek, low-profile anodized aluminum housing. It offers scalable, absolute, analog output and stroke lengths up to 180 in and ...
Web exclusive: Hydraulics crop up on British farms
Edited by Mary C. Gannon, senior associate editor The Versadrill machine takes advantage of a hydraulic motor to power a blower for seed planting. When it comes to planting crops, farmers need versatile machines that can work in a range of ...
Cylinder repair estimator
Edited By Mary C. Gannon Hydraulic Repair Estimator gives estimates for hydraulic cylinder repairs from basic resealing to complete rebuilding. Web-based program works on any computer with Internet access. Labor rates, material costs, and cost of ...
Pressure transducers
Edited By Mary C. Gannon TDH-40 pressure transducer provides accuracy of 0.4% in both hydraulic and pneumatic systems and incorporates an M12, 9.4 DIN electrical connection. Series 316 stainless steel housing allows for use in harsh ...
Pneumatic valve
Edited By Mary C. Gannon V5X series pneumatic valves come in 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, and 1/2-in. NPT or ISOG port sizes. Valve functions include 3/2 and 5/2 solenoid/spring return, 3/2 and 5/2 solenoid/solenoid, 5/3 all ports blocked, center open to pressure, ...
Power supplies
Edited By Mary C. Gannon Rhino ac/dc switch mode power supplies can power sensors — such as pressure transducers, linear displacement transducers, and switches. They can be easily screw mounted to a panel or equipment chassis or DIN rail mounted. ...
Air/hydraulic actuators
Air/hydraulic actuators combine a fluid actuator and an air chamber to provide speed of air operation with control and high force of hydraulics. Air chamber converts low air pressure to high hydraulic pressure.
Staying pure at the cotton mill
Compressed air keeps cotton free of foreign fibers.
Reservoir air drying system
Edited By Mary C. Gannon ARV Active Reservoir Vent is a dry air purging system for minimizing water contamination in fluids. It continuously supplies dry air to reservoirs and other vented components, providing longer component life, extended fluid ...
Water, particulate removal
Edited By Mary C. Gannon Triton Dehydration Station for water and particulate removal eliminates 100% of free and 90% of dissolved water from small reservoirs, barrels, and gear boxes. Design reduces aeration of free and entrained gases of returned ...
Hybrid car developer makes lightweight accumulators
Edited by Mary C. Gannon, senior associate editor CCEFP to co-locate annual meeting at IFPE IFPE 2011 recently announced that the Center for Compact and Efficient Fluid Power (CCEFP) will co-locate its annual meeting in conjunction with the ...
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