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Filter noise to improve machine productivity
To improve the productivity of machines, designers and integrators look for ways to make them run smoother. But often real-world conditions pose problems along the way. For example, sensor feedback signals can be noisy, or the valves that are selected could pose a problem, making precise hydraulic control difficult. When the real world doesn’t “behave” smoothly, what do you do?
Electrohydraulics keep oilfield operations flowing
Electrohydraulic motion controllers offer great versatility when it comes to fluid handling, monitoring, and control.
Pressure transducers boost precision and reliability
Closed-loop control of machinery is key to improving productivity and decreasing life cycle costs. In hydraulic applications where exerting a precise pressure is required, automated monitoring of hydraulic pressure is a necessity. Pressure ...
Working Under Pressure: Using a Motion Controller for Pressure Control
Closed-loop control methods control pressure more accurately than pressure relief valves or pressure regulators.
Closed-Loop Control Simplifies Cyclical Testing
Figure 1. Hydraulic leaf spring tester controls both position and force being exerted by the actuator. Fluid power often is the first choice whenever a predictable amount of force must be exerted, ...
Rotary encoders are good for your system
When working with high precision rotating machinery, like that in the lumber industry, encoders can make your life much easier.
The Truth About Problem Valves
Choose and use your valves wisely to achieve precise control.
Accumulators: The unsung heroes of hydraulic motion control
Accumulators can conserve energy, make systems easier to control, and extend a machine's useful life, making them especially important for electrohydraulic motion control systems
Choosing the right valve for closed-loop electrohydraulic control
Good design practices are essential for achieving high speed and high precision in hydraulic servo motion control applications.
Size the cylinder right for proper servo operation
A common design oversight is the use of undersized cylinders.
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