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Robert J. Sheaf Jr., is the founder and president of CFC Insustrial Training, formerly Certified Fluid Consultants, part of CFC-Solar Inc. CFC-Solar provides technical training, consulting, and field services to any industry using fluid power technology. 

Articles by Robert Sheaf
“Root beer” foam coming from filler breather
A technician at a plant that uses large three-axis milling machines explained that one of the machine’s hydraulic power units had foam coming out of the reservoir’s filler breather and the HPU was quite noisy. He observed the foam oozing out when a large cylinder retracted, and noise was normal. However, when the same cylinder extended, noise increased but the foaming stopped.
Cylinder failures on a pipe-fabrication machine
A company that fabricates oil-field pipes starts with flat steel, rolls it into a round tubular shape, and simultaneously welds the inside and outside surfaces of the joined ends. Tooling removes excess weld material, creating a round pipe that actually looks like seamless pipe. A cutoff station then cuts the pipe coming off the production line to 21-ft lengths.
Production boost causes seal leak

An original-equipment manufacturer of custom automation equipment for the food-processing industry built a large pallet-transfer system to shuttle bins of poultry from a defeathering line to a final processing line. The poultry was placed into bins, 10 at a time, and the bins were stacked 10 high. The 10-high pallet-transfer system consisted of a floor-mounted rack-and-pinion drive system with a gerotor motor driving the pinion to move the pallets. The pallets were then shuttled to one of three locations to be off-loaded for final processing.

Oil rig has overheating problem
Oil rig has overheating problem
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