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CFC Industrial Training

Robert J. Sheaf Jr., is the founder and president of CFC Industrial Training, formerly Certified Fluid Consultants, part of CFC-Solar Inc. CFC-Solar provides technical training, consulting, and field services to any industry using fluid power technology. 

Troubleshooting Challenge: Directional Valve Slams When It Shifts
Can you solve this forging press conundrum?
Troubleshooting Challenge: Hot Dog Machine Has Weight Problem
A hot dog machine utilized large tubs of raw meat, which were lifted and dumped into grinders using a simple hydraulic system.
Troubleshooting Challenge: 800-Ton Press Suffers from Severe Stuttering
A press used in the manufacture of aerospace seals began stuttering on its normal downward stroke, but contamination wasn't the culprit. What was it?
Troubleshooting Challenge: Drill Rig’s Top Drive Drops Uncontrollably
When a drill-rig operator started the unit and commanded the top drive head to be lowered, it dropped uncontrollably, damaging the drill bit or buckling the drill string.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Drilling Barge with Steering Instability Problem
A newly commissioned barge had a problem: Its steering system would not hold its position.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Cylinder Chatter Evades Solution
A system's bore cylinder experienced pronounced chattering when lowering the load with less speed using the proportional valve.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Regenerative Circuit Not Working on a Molding Machine
A molding machine using a regenerative unloader circuit was opening and closing at twice the closing speed rate, and attempts to fix the problem were unsuccessful.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Fix One Problem, Another Crops Up
After reprogramming the PLC and replacing the accumulator bladder, a sand mold squeezing press still had the problem of the squeeze feet cylinders not extending.
Troubleshooting Challenge: O-ring Installation Causes Motor to Overload
When O-rings were replaced in the stack valves of a hydraulic stamping machine, the motor proceeded to overload—what was causing this to occur?
Troubleshooting Challenge: Hydraulic System Overheats in Aluminum Recycling Plant
An aluminum recycling and smelting plant replaced the pilot valve on its hydraulic feeder unit, and the system began experiencing heat build-up and slow cylinder operation.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Leaking Cylinder Puzzles Expert
Can you solve the mystery of this hydraulic repair shop's leaking power steering cylinders?
Troubleshooting Challenge: Hoses Pull Away from Fittings
Technicians at a paper mill were puzzled by hydraulic hoses pulling loose from their end fittings.
Troubleshooting Challenge: HPU Is Too Noisy
Despite the manufacturer's tests to the contrary, hydraulic power units were shipped back because they tested above the 85-dBA noise threshold with the customer.
Troubleshooting Challenge: Cargo Ship Pressure Buildup Problem
What circuit issue caused a cargo ship's hydraulic power unit (HPU) to delay opening and closing hatch doors when pressing the solenoid button?
Troubleshooting Challenge: Mill Removal Circuit Doesn’t Move for Large Rolls
Technicians tried to solve why the cylinder of a temper mill's roll-removal system was struggling with heavier rolls.
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