Dealing With Heat

Hydraulic systems produce heat and the handling of this heat is a very important design consideration for any system. In the June issue of Hydraulics & Pneumatics, we offer a tutorial on selection of heat exchangers, what is available, and what they do.

In this feature, we included an article explaining heat exchangers. It is followed by our Designers Guide chart on Heat Exchangers as well as our Manufacturer's Index page of heat exchanger manufacturers. For a full list of all manufacturers of fluid power components, see our Online Manufacturers Directory. For more tutorial informaton on all fluid power components, see our Fluid Power Basics section.

We at H&P have many resources available for individuals who design fluid power systems. That is our main audience, designers and maintenance personnel involved with fluid power systems. These are the people who buy and specify fluid power components.

We know that some fluid power industry people read our magazine, but, as you can see from the technical nature of our content, the users are the key audience.

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