Enery Efficiency Important to H&P

With rising fuel costs, energy efficiency is now more important to designers and operators of machinery and equipment. They are looking for ways to build energy efficiency into every operation of every machine. This subject has been important to us at H&P for a long time also.

We have reported on applications where size, weight, and space are critical considerations in the design and operation of all types of industrial equipment and machinery. In our April 2011 issue, we are reporting on efficiency in a workboat. In the article Crab boat catches fuel savings, Editor Alan Hitchcox explains two ways that fuel savings are effected in a fishing boat.

With energy savings being top of mind now, this article is very timely. However, for many years, our articles have reported on efficiency and maximum productivity of machinery powered by fluid power systems. Please go to our website where we have several years of achived articles, many of which address efficiency.
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