Mobile Applications covered in the next four editions

In our May issue, Hydraulics & Pneumatics will cover Mobile Hydraulics - Construction Equipment. This article will highlight the importance of fluid power in the operations of construction machinery, including drilling, lifting, carrying, digging, pulling, and more. As I have reported recently, the Construction Equipment market has enjoyed a nice recovery over the past 18 months.

Our June issue will cover Mobile Hydraulics - Agricultural Equipment. This feature will report on the power and precision of hydraulics, which is used to run agricultural machinery safely, efficiently, and effectively. The ag machinery market has also rebounded and continues to be a major consumer of fluid power components and systems.

More Efficient Mobile Hydraulics will headline our July issue and summarize innovations in fluid power technology that helps increase efficiency while generating the same force, torque, and precise motion control for safe effective operation. Efficiency is a topic that is and will be on the mind of designers and builders of all types of mobile equipment.

Mining is the focus for our August issue. Brute force and compact design are necessities of mining equipment, so we examine the design options found in these machines. This market has struggled a bit but will recover.

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