Safety in Agricultural Equipment

I often think of productivity and efficiency in agricultural machinery with regard to the application of hydraulic systems. However, safety is also an important area where hydraulic technoloy assists farmers.

In the June issue of Hydraulics & Pneumatics, we feature an article on Braking physics with trailers. I have a grasp on Physics based on what I learned in high school and college. It doesn't take a great understanding that it takes some braking to stop a heavy trailer pulled by a tractor. If a tractor is pulling a 3,000-lb trailer on the farm and the driver needs to stop, it would be great if the tractor brakes were not the only thing stopping the combo.

This article discusses how hydraulic braking systems make great sense. Slowing the trailer and tractor at the same time provide a much safer environment for the driver, tractor, trailer, and anyone or thing in the vicinity. Read all about it in our June issue.
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