Sticking to the subject

In conversations, we sometimes start on one subject and get sidetracked to another that leads to another and so on. After the conversation is over and we have moved on, we might think back and realize that we never really finished the first point.

The same could be true in magazine journalism. In an effort to move where the advertising dollars are, some magazines can reinvent their mission to be what their advertisers want them to be. However, this practice does not serve the reader and thus it does not serve the advertiser either.

At Hydraulics & Pneumatics, our mission has always been to report on fluid power technology from one end of the system to the other. We offer tutorial information about how components work and application stories about how they are used.

We report on most of the end use markets for both hydraulic and pneumatic technology. This consistency keeps our readers renewing their subscriptions every year which add value for our advertisers.
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