A thorough explanation of FRLs

As I have said many time, tutorial content is an important part of the regular monthly editorial content in Hydraulics & Pneumatics read by our 45,000 qualified subscribers every month. See for yourself by accessing and reading our April 2011 digital edition.

In this edition, you will find a thorough explanation of the very important components that provide clean and dry air in compressed air systems. These components are often grouped into a unit known as a Filter/Regularor/Lubricator or FRL. Our article on page 34 of the April issue gives a detailed explanation of how the components work and what they do.

For more information about FRLs and how they operate, go the Fluid Power Basics section of our website and access FRLs. The content found here is taken from our Fluid Power Handbook & Directory. This biennial publication is due to be released in December of this year.
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