Who is still reading magazines?

I get this question all the time. Is anyone still reading magazines? No offense to anyone who has asked me this, but the answer is rather obvious, yes.

People read what they find to be useful, necessary, helpful on the job, or just plain fun. I have been associated with Hydrauilcs & Pneumatics for over 30 years. Many things have chaged over that time period and they continue to change. One thing has remained constant, our readers read.

Why? Because they find the information contained in our pages every month to be useful and interesting. Credit to Alan Hitchcox and Mary Gannon for an excellent job of making our content both a qualities. I have worked with Alan for many years and I do not know of anyone more passioniate about fluid power information than him.

That is why people read H&P every month. Yes, you can get the issue online. Yes, you can get the articles on our website. Yes, you can Google the information. And, yes, you can find some artices on fluid power in some other publications that contain other engineering interests. However, only Hydraulics & Pneumatics delivers 100% fluid power content of interest every month in a readable, understandable, interesting format. (Obviously, I am a big fan of H&P.)

If you want some proof of what our readers think of the magazine and if they are reading, I have it. Please, just ask me. Happy reading!
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