You Can't Fool the Customer for Long

A business or any enterprise can portray itself to be anything that it wants to be. You might even fool some customers into doing business with you for a while because of your story.

My firm belief is that you can't fool the customer for long. You are what you are and they will discover that. For over 60 years, Hydraulics & Pneumatics has been the Engineer's First Choice for Fluid Power Information. We have 100% fluid power content circulated to a 100% qualified audience. That is what we were when I joined and that is what we are on my watch.

We are not trying to make anyone believe that we are something else because this is who we want to be. Our intention is to help our customers and to partner with them, not fool them. That makes great business sense and we are proud of who we are and grateful to every one of our customers.

The future looks great for fluid power and we plan to participate in the continued recovery.
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