• Feb 23, 2015

    Find a Job in Fluid Power

    Seems like at least nine out of ten people I meet in the fluid power industry stay in the fluid power industry. Time and again, I hear someone has moved on, then I run into him or her again at a trade show, conference, or other fluid power event. So if you're looking for a new job, chances are, you'll remain in the fluid power industry. But finding good leads in such a specialized field can be frustrating....More
  • Sep 11, 2013

    The Bad and the Good of American Technology

    Tom Price, Jr., president of Price Engineering, Hartland, Wis., was the keynote speaker at our Fluid Power Conference & Expo held last June at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. Tom's presentation, America's Manufacturing Renaissance, was interesting, informative, relevant, and pretty much everything you want from a keynote presentation. We didn't have room to print Tom's entire presentation in our September 2013 issue, so Tom highlighted some key points for us as a Guest Editorial....More
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