Danfoss Power Solutions, Ames, Iowa, recently introduced its Reverse Displacement Motor (RDM), which reverses direction without requiring an external directional-control valve. Benefits include up to 10% power savings, a 15% average reduction in total system cost, and reduced system complexity. A primary application for the RDM is hydraulic fan drive systems, which reverses airflow to purge debris, dirt, and other contaminants from heat exchangers.

The open-circuit piston motor shares Danfoss’ compact L/K axial-piston motor construction and features a 12-V integrated proportional shifting valve that allows smooth, on-the-go reversing from pilot pressure. The simplified design eliminates the need for additional components, cost, and pressure losses associated with the external valves and pressure supply necessary in typical reversing circuits. The RDM is designed to ensure cooling by defaulting to maximum forward speed in the event of controller or electrical failure.

In addition to fan drives, the RDM is well suited for conveyors, auger boring machines, directional drills, and other machines requiring reversible-rotation drives. 

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