The ISO/TR 10686:2013 helps fluid power system designers estimate the cleanliness of an assembled hydraulic system, allowing them to adjust the specified cleanliness level of the components and fluid to achieve the necessary system cleanliness most efficiently.

“Hydraulic Fluid Power— Method to Theoretically Relate the Cleanliness of a Hydraulic System to the Cleanliness of the Components and Hydraulic Fluid That Make Up the System,” includes methods that can be used to:

  • relate the cleanliness of a hydraulic system to the cleanliness of its components and the hydraulic fluid belonging  to the system
  • estimate the final cleanliness level of an assembled hydraulic system 
  • calculate and manage cleanliness requirements of components and subassemblies

The list price for the standard is $139.00, and for NFPA members $110.00.

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