The variety of thread configurations can make replacing a hydraulic fitting on a machine you don’t know much about an overwhelming task. Just getting the correct size and thread pitch may not be enough because many fittings are similar enough to where you can screw them together. But once you fire up the hydraulic system, look out. Oil may spray everywhere.

Identifying threads on hydraulic fittings just got easier with Thread ID Mate, a mobile app from RYCO Hydraulics. It lets you identify hydraulic threads and connectors using a simple and intuitive identification process. Also, it helps you find detailed information about thread specifications, sizes, and more.

The Thread ID Mate app is available for Android smart phones, iPhone, and iPod Touch. It begins by prompting you to choose from instructions, a pictorial guide, or search by name or size. It then walks you through a step-by-step identification process based on visual observation and measurements using a caliper.

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