Filter carts have become an essential tool in many hydraulic and lubrication systems. Because new oil in drums or totes typically does not meet stringent OEM cleanliness specifications, it should be filtered prior to use in hydraulic or lubrication applications.

Oil Filtration Systems of Boerne, Texas, has introduced a line of portable filtration equipment for hydraulic and lubrication oils. These filter carts can be used to filter new oil before transferring it to a hydraulic reservoir fill or to filter fluid in a kidney loop in multiple hydraulic reservoirs. They are compatible with fire-resistant hydraulic fluids, bio-friendly hydraulic fluids, and water glycols.

The filter carts remove four types of contaminants. Microglass filter elements remove particles to achieve particle counts as low as ISO 14/13/11. Absorptive elements remove water. Fuller’s earth or activated alumina cartridges can be incorporated to neutralize acids, lowering a fluid’s total acid number. Granular absorbent media cartridges or depth media filters can be used to remove varnish, depending on the oil temperature.

Oil Filtration Systems manufactures carts and skids with capacities from 3 to 15 gpm (680 to 3,400 l/hr). Low-viscosity systems are available for light hydraulic and lube oils, ISO 32 to ISO 100. The company also maintains a rental fleet of filter carts and other oil purification equipment ready for emergency mobilization anywhere in the world.

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