Results from DirectIndustry search reveal documents of interest. Finding specific information within the documents does not require browsing or printing multiple pages untargeted information.

A new service now allows engineers to search PDF (portable document format) catalogues by key word to quickly find specific information without having to view or print large numbers of pages. Recently launched by Direct Industry,the search engine instantly isolates the required text or datasheet from catalogues up to hundreds of pages in length.

Pat Enzler, a recent user and R & D engineer with Nilfisk Advance stated, "I go online to save time, so it can be frustrating to have to download and print out big PDF files when there's probably only one or two pages that interest me. This kind of service is great. It's what the Internet is all about."

Corentin Thiercelin, DirectIndustry CEO, explained, " This demonstrates our principle of organizing information intuitively to engineers for fast and effective research."

Each search generates a summary of relevant pages, which enables users to quickly select the most pertinent information. A convenient tool bar allows users to print out a page of interest, browse the surrounding ones, or send an email request directly to a manufacturer.

Initial feedback from users is positive. For example, Richard Brazee, with the R&D department of Invensys Process Inc., offered, "I don't want a catalog and a whole load of paper — I just want specific information that's buried in there somewhere. This is a nice step in the right direction and saves me a lot of time."

The service is free for participating companies and uses existing content. When participants download PDF files to DirectIndustry, data otherwise buried within the document becomes accessible to its target audience. The service saves times for users because original images are converted from PDFs into JPGs.

With more than two million professionals sourcing more than 4600 global brands in 22 industrial categories every month, DirectIndustry has become an effective means of connecting engineers with manufacturers.

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