ROSS announces the BG certification of its CrossMirror series of size-0 valves as per the DIN ES ISO 138491 PL e standard. The valves are guaranteed to return cylinders to their safe position by rapidly exhausting downstream air when de-energized. The fault-responsive valves are useful in a range of applications like pneumatic cylinder presses, welding equipment, and pneumatic doors.

Third-party assessment and certification of the valves was carried out by DGUV Test, an approved body for Machinery and Safety Components according to EC-Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and the German Product Safety Act.  The ROSS Category 4 Safe Cylinder Return CrossMirror series includes 5/2 valves with latch-out capabilities that inhibit operation until they are reset.

The valves can be installed individually or can be connected together with manifold bases. As the latest addition to the Safe Cylinder Return Valve family, they are offered in a range of sizes and are available with solenoid or air-piloted options.

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