Sauer-Danfoss, an international manufacturer of engineered hydraulic and electronic systems for mobile equipment, recently introduced their Plus 1 system, which allows customizing electronic machine control to match requirements. The system consists of software tools, microcontrollers, I/O modules, graphical terminals, and joysticks.

The modular nature of PLUS 1 allows designers to add one capability after another to develop a control and monitoring network with the features that meet specific operating needs. The mix-and-match system allows for custom configuration and precise tuning of work and propel functions, such as speed, position and pressure control, and engine anti-stall.

The foundation of the Plus 1 network is a line stackable micro-controllers and I/O modules that are scalable to meet machine requirements. With the PLUS 1 GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment) users quickly build customized applications from of software control including diagnostic and service interfaces. ready-to-fit platform reduce the cost and time to maximize and machine to market faster.

Dan Ricklefs, product portfolio manager, revealed, "Our goal was to give design engineers an easier way to integrate control functions for their specific operating requirements, knowing that they range from highly automated, heavy-duty uses to smaller, simpler, lighter uses." Plus 1 microcontrollers are available in three housing sizes and nine total I/O configurations for multiple control schemes using CAN-based communications.

Control functions are available individually as software objects that are installed using the Plus 1 GUIDE, where are instantly recognized. control system can also be customized to permit capturing specified information for analyzing accumulated operation and service data. In addition, designers can determine the level of fine tuning, diagnostics, and service capabilities they want service technicians to be able to perform using a laptop or PDA.

Physical control of the machine is seamlessly incorporated using PLUS 1 compliant joysticks. The designer selects from a family of joystick bases that match the application. Multiple options can be specified into the joystick's configuration, including detents, friction locks, redundant outputs, and switch functions. Both Hall effect and potentiometric sensing technologies are available, as well as custom grips if needed.

PLUS 1 compliant graphical terminals can monitor individual functions suited to the vehicle such as fluid pressure or machine angles. They can give an operator or service technician instantaneous machine operating information. External device inputs allow for cameras, and multiple CAN buses provide for environmental monitoring and vehicle diagnostics and servicing data. USB and RS232 connections allow laptop and PDA interfaces, with a buzzer alarm output providing audible feedback.

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