Cosmolubric B-230, manufactured by Houghton International, Valley Forge, Pa., recently was recognized by the Mine Safety and Health Administration as the first fire-resistant vegetable oilbased hydraulic fluid to meet Federal regulations.

Intended for use in conveyor systems, power shovels, and a host of other mining equipment from excavators to crawler tractors, Cosmolubric B-230 reduces the environmental concerns associated with mineral oil-based fluids. A low-cost alternative to conventional, synthetic fire-resistant fluids, Cosmolubric B-230 performs equal to or better than all other mineral-based or synthetic hydraulic fluids.

MSHA approval follows a rigorous process of review and testing, where applicant products are measured against stringent operating parameters and transparent production procedures. They undergo ignition-temperature tests, temperature-pressure spray-ignition tests, and tests to determine the effect of evaporation on flammability, as well as reviews of the quality of material, workmanship, and design.

Cosmolubric B-230 is formulated around naturally occurring esters, so it is inherently biodegradable. At the same time it possesses the lubricity associated with more expensive synthetic polyol ester fluids. In benchmark tests comparing Cosmolubric B-230 to premium synthetic fluids, Cosmolubric B-230 provided comparable performance in lubrication, pump life, and oxidative stability.

Oxidative stability is noteworthy because it is where previous industry efforts to formulate quality hydraulic fluids from vegetable oils floundered. Houghton's research with selected base stocks and additive packages, viscosity index modifiers, rust and oxidation inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, copper passivators, and defoamers resulted in the development of a fluid that performs like polyol esters, but no longer suffers the effects of vegetable oils' low oxidative stability.

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