Ac motors
Ac motors

IronHorse general-purpose ac motors now include cast iron three-phase premium efficiency models sized from 1 to 200 hp. They are rated for speeds of 1200, 1800, and 3600 rpm and are electrically reversible. T- and TC-frame TEFC motors come with ribbed cast iron frames for maximum cooling. Features include solid full frame-length cast iron mounting feet, cast iron junction box with rubber gasket and rubber dust cover. Sizes 10 hp and smaller come with maintenance- free bearings; larger have ball or roller bearings.

Often called induction motors or asynchronous motors, they are a type of alternating current motor where power is supplied to the rotor by means of electromagnetic induction. Their rugged design, absence of brushes (which are necessary in dc motors), and motor speed control make them ideal for industrial settings.

All premium efficiency motors are CSA, CE, ISO9001 certified. They are designed for use in pumps, material handling, metal and textile processing, and test stands. Accessories include C-flange kits, which can be used for C-face mounting of the MTCP T-frame motors.

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