Similar in principle to a shock absorber, the Slimline Kinechek precisely controls the speed of loads that push longitudinally on the hardened outboard end of its plunger rod. With the plated-steel housing locked into one of several mounting options, the external load drives piston on the plunger's inboard end into a cylinder filled with silicone fluid. The fluid is forced through a single variable-flow control orifice, the size of which is set by an external adjustment knob. The selected size of the orifice meters the fluid flow and holds the plunger's (and load's) speed uniform throughout the stroke. When the load is removed, internal fluid pressure extends the plunger to its original position.

Slimline Kinecheks are designed for repeatable constant operating speed as well as versatility and long life. Each unit is hermetically sealed and permanently lubricated. It can operate in any position. There are no sliding seals to wear or heavy springs that might make the plunger bind or jerk. An integral rod wiper on the plunger protects internal parts from contaminants. The range of adjustment is 300°— producing a gradual and smooth rate of change. The tool-steel cylinder is hardened to Rockwell 60c, honed to a mirror finish, and precisely mated to its all-metal piston. A rolling diaphragm provides leakproof, frictionless sealing of the plunger rod. (A spring ensures the rolling-diaphragm rod seal holds its shape.) No external fluid reservoir is required. The silicone fluid is filtered on every stroke, so the metering orifice stays clean. In addition, this fluid’s viscosity remains consistent with temperature changes — to help hold speed constant.

Five basic models in the Kinechek family are each available in standard, slow speed, fast, and extra fast versions. They are offered in stroke lengths of 0.50, 1.00, 1.25, 1.50, 2.00, 3.00, 4.00, and 6.00 in. — with load capacities to 1200 lb.

Kinecheks are also available in Mini K and Super K models.

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