FluiDyne recently added the hard-to-find A10V10 to its extensive line of high performance hydraulic pumps. The 10-cc pumps — together with the 18, 28, 45, 60, 71, 100 and 140 sizes — give FluiDyne a full range of displacements in both single and through-shaft configurations. A10V series pumps are available with pressure, remote, load sense, or horsepower control compensators.

FluiDyne application engineering is available to help with technical information for new applications of this compact, high-pressure pump. Because of the versility in compensators, and the A10V’s high speed rating, this pump is often the solution to replace obsolete pumps on existing machinery.

Call FluiDyne’s Customer Service team at 800.842.5377 or check their web site for the data sheets on this new product.

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