For safety reasons, many piping systems for hazardous or flammable liquids or gases use pneumatically operated quarter-turn actuators — to avoid bringing electricity into the area. Assured Automation, Clark, N. J., offers its the Firechek FC-4 shutoff valve to add another level of safety to these installations. When mounted in the pneumatic supply line, the FC-4 responds to heat in the event of a fire and automatically vents the downstream quarter-turn actuator and closes the supply line..

Inside the FC-4, an alloy element with shape memory undergoes a martensitic phase transformation when it is heated above 135° F. This change releases stored strain energy to produce the necessary force to shift the valve. No other power source is involved. Actuation time is 25 sec or less when the rate of temperature rise is 30° F/min. For testing, the Firechek FC-4 can be actuated with a hot-air gun, then, after a cool-down period, reset manually for continued protection.

The FC-4 is only 2.59-in. high with a 1-in. diameter, so it fits easily into most new or retrofit piping arrangements. Standard connection ports are ¼-18 NPT. It is rated for 125 psig and will discharge 1 l of air in less than 1 sec at that pressure.

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