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Edward Thirlwall

Supercheap Storage Sydney, Supercheap Storage Southern Highlands Sydney

Skills: innovation and conceptualisation

Career Summary:

Supercheap Storage Southern Highlands Sydney is a removal and storage service owned and managed by entrepreneur Edward Thirlwall. Situated in the Eastern outskirts of Sydney the franchise was established in 2008.

Edward Thirlwall is a person that thrives on hard work and challenge, which is needed in the self storage industry. Growing up in Papua New Guinea he spent years travelling all over the world visiting different countries.

He settled in New York for a while studying at Kings College and eventually ended up in Australia, graduating from the University of Sydney in Business and Finance. Now settled in Sydney he is married with 2 young children and making a success of the removals and storage business.

In his spare time Edward can be found either hiking in the neighbouring foothills or working out by playing a few games of tennis with friends. He also likes to take the family along to one of the nearby beaches where they swim, sunbathe and surf, or on a quieter day chills at home with a good novel or movie.

The idea behind the company is to re-invent the concept of storage, and this is achieved by them providing the transport, the unit, and the manpower if needed.

His franchise is kept busy as he takes the time to accommodate customers different needs and work out solutions to fit with their lifestyle. The system implemented by Edward is both modest and economical which is he says is his key to success.
Specialties: Portable Storage Units

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Owner, Franchise Manager


Finance & Economy, Sydney University
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