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Matt Dart

Storage facility Owner, Supercheap Storage - Melbourne

Skills: self, storage, organizing

Career Summary:

Matt Dart lives in South Yarra and for the past 5 years has been involved in the self storage industry. He is the facility manager, and owner, of the Melbourne branch of Supercheap Storage. He grew up in Boronia, went to Trinity College in Kew, and got his first job at Jupps Motor Auctions where he was responsible for buying the cars for the company. A lover of good coffee one of his proudest moments was when he was voted Barrista of the year. His interests include non-fiction books, and he enjoys biking at the weekends. Describing himself as a fun loving guy he likes nothing better than hanging out with his family and friends. Supercheap Storage, servicing areas including eastern suburbs and Melbourne CBD, is a storage facility that delivers portable modules right to your door and makes the whole process as simple as possible. Matt got into the business because he feels it is a great concept and a job that has a lot of merit.
Specialties: Storage, Self storage

Current Roles:

Storage Facility Manager


Business studies, Melbourne University
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