Pawling Engineered Products, Pawling, N.Y., has standardized its Pneuma-Seal line of inflatable elastomeric bladders to simplify the design and fabrication of devices using pneumatic actuators and seals. These easy-to-use EPDM bladders find wide use in mechanical clamping, actuation, sealing, stabilizing, and cushioning applications.

Standard lengths of 6, 9, and 12 in. are available on two-day delivery, and are marketed under the name Pneuma-Cel. Uninflated thickness is 5 /8 in., while fully inflated thickness is 1 in. — providing a 3 /8-in. range of motion. All sizes come either unsupported or pre-mounted in protective aluminum housings and with 6-in. long flexible hose air connection terminated by a 1 /8-NPT pneumatic fitting. 27 NPT pneumatic fitting.

Rated service temperature range is 25° to 250° F, and chemical resistance is the same as for EPDM. The new bladders have been life-tested to 500,000 cycles at room temperature.

Unsupported inflatable bladders provide soft, conformal clamping and sealing for applications ranging from workholding to material handling and cargo stabilization. Supported bladders provide hard mechanical actuation force, yet compensate for variations in alignment or clearance. Maximum rated pressure is 25 psi. They can be held in position with fitted housings or any EPDM-compatible adhesive.

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