One of the challenges with industrial equipment is to get all sensors to communicate with central control. To ease this problem, AutomationDirect, Cumming, Ga., now offers Zip-Port multiport junction blocks that provide time, cost and space savings by allowing multiple sensors to be wired to a single block with one cable connecting to the control panel.Zip-Port multiport

Zip-Port junction blocks are available in field wireable or five-meter cable versions, feature four and fivepin M12 connectors in four, six and eight-port models, and offer a choice of one or two I/O per port.

The blocks provide 24 Vdc and 120 Vdc/ac operation in temperatures ranging from –20° to 80°C and also provide an IP67 degree of protection when all ports are either connected or covered with recommended protective caps.

The five-meter integrated cable series come with three 18-gauge wires for power connection and four to sixteen 22-gauge wires for I/O connections, depending on the number of ports.

The field-wireable junction blocks allow the installer the option of using cables of choice and only the I/O necessary.

All Zip-Port models are available with or without power and signal LED indicators.

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