Richard Schneider

Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor, has been affiliated with Hydraulics & Pneumatics for more than 30 years and served as chief editor from 1987 through 2000. He received a BSME from Cornell University and also completed additional courses at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. His diverse background in industry includes ten years with a fluid power distributor and a variety of other professional positions. He has also been active with the National Fluid Power Association and Fluid Power Society.

Sensors keep an eye on impact
When impact in a machine suddenly increases, it's generally a symptom of a malfunction. But a sudden decrease n impact energy can also signal a problem.
Traction is king on grape harvester

You seldom hear happy peasants singing in the vineyard as they hand-pick grapes at harvest time today. As in most agricultural operations, efficient machines have taken over the work of the harvest. However, because vineyards come in all sizes, and are planted on almost all kinds of terrain, equipment-manufacturer Oxbo International Corp., Lynden, Wash., offers a variety of harvesters, planters, and other agricultural equipment, most of which make extensive use of hydraulics.

Trash Compactor is Designed for Efficiency

Engineers who design trash compactors have always had two overriding concerns. First, because of the nature of their equipment, they never know what strange objects users may throw into it. Second, it is likely that unskilled or uncaring operators will be put in charge of it. Lately, a third challenge has been added: purchasers want compactors that are energy efficient.

Cornell engineering students invent pneumatic gripper with coffee grounds and a balloon
Cornell engineering students invent pneumatic gripper with coffee grounds and a balloon. Jammed coffee grounds in universal gripper hold and ...
Simple flow control offers four operating speeds
The two, 2-port, 2-position valves in the meter-out circuit shown here provides two independently adjustable cylinder-extend speeds and two independently adjustable retract speeds. Therefore, the operator can select fast or slow extend modes and fast or ...
Compact, yet powerful pump
Designed for simplicity and high but quiet performance, Eaton’s Model ADY098 Series 620 open-circuit piston pumps for mobile equipment applications are only 11.4-in. long, weigh 91 lb, yet transmit 134 hp. The ...
The thrill is back— thanks to refurbished hydrauilcs
Installing refurbished motors and controls brought Cedar Point’s most exciting coaster back to life.
Versatile Vane Motor Produces Virtually Constant Torque
With its patented vane-crossing-vane design, this hydraulic motor provides low-speed, high-torque and high-speed, high-torque power from the same bi-rotational power converter. Working vanes in the rotor and sealing vanes in the stator are ...
Pressurized bladder crushes grapes
Villagers don’t dance barefoot in the vats to crush the grape harvest anymore. The burgeoning worldwide wine industry demands higher volume and greater consistency. French manufacturer Fabbri SA, a winemaking-equipment specialist ...
Portable, Computerized Tool Produces Precision Swages
A new hand-held tool swages fittings onto fluid power conductors with ease.
Rugged Breathers Offer Multi-layer Filtration
Reservoir breathers provide a path for air to enter and leave a tank as its fluid level rises and lowers during system operation.
Air valves ensure safe fuel transfers
DSP can hold as many as 13 cams, with the same number of pneumatic valves. These normally closed, 3-way MJV-3 cam-actuated pneumatic valves have 1/8-in. ports, are rated to flow 25 scfm at 100 psig, and require a force of 38 ...
Fluid power shines — down on the farm
HST drives 3-speed gearbox to move huge, 6-row cotton picker. By: R.T. Schneider Cotton picking often goes on around the clock; stadium-lighting package of six halogen lamps creates floodlight pattern for night visibility out in front of ...
Hydraulics in it for the long haul
Realizing the awesome power of hydraulics makes it easy to forget that it is still a rugged, precise, and highly reliable means of control.
Hydraulic speed regulators control dynamic loads
Similar in principle to a shock absorber, the Slimline Kinechek precisely controls the speed of loads that push longitudinally on the hardened outboard end of its plunger rod.
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