Richard Schneider

Contributing Editor

Contributing Editor, has been affiliated with Hydraulics & Pneumatics for more than 30 years and served as chief editor from 1987 through 2000. He received a BSME from Cornell University and also completed additional courses at the Milwaukee School of Engineering. His diverse background in industry includes ten years with a fluid power distributor and a variety of other professional positions. He has also been active with the National Fluid Power Association and Fluid Power Society.

Reinventing the wheel —For Function and Form
An innovative and efficient boat lift rises in Scotland — with hydraulics behind the scenes.
Tough transducers travel off-road

Hydraulic cylinder position-sensing in the rugged environments typically encountered by construction, agriculture, and other off-highway mobile-equipment is critical. There are three reasons to consider sensors, such as Temposonics Model MH sensors:

Hydraulic system keeps museum's wings out of jeopardy
Every city wants to have an icon &emdash; a symbol that most people immediately recognize and identify with the city. The Eiffel Tower (Paris), the Statue of Liberty (New ...
Multiple HSTs run surface-mining equipment
Hydrostatically controlled cutting drums with carbide teeth on Terrain Leveler mine swath 12 ft wide and up to 30 in. deep. Vermeer's 2000.2 Trencher Electronic Control System monitors operating conditions, measures ...
Tough, versatile, and operator-friendly
Dual-output pump helps keep excavator compact
Specialty brake valves enhance mobile equipment
Because of the size of much of today's mobile equipment, hydraulic service brakes are a necessity. Engineers at MICO, Inc. add value to the brake components they design by ...
Valves respond to vacuum flow
Flow Sensor Valves are normally open valves that snap closed when flow through them exceeds a preset rate.
Fluid motor helps swimmers go nowhere
Swimming has long been recognized as an almost ideal form of exercise. Weight-free exercise in an aquatic environment provides a superior cardiovascular workout without muscle or joint stress due to impact with the ground. Most people ...
Hydraulic winches assist in elephant surgery
Allied Power Products came up with a way to place a 6900-lb pachyderm on her side on a padded pneumatic mattress so veterinarians could perform a two-hour operation.
Water-actuated cylinder moves semiconductor wafers precisely
Unconventional cylinders lower and raise a cassette (worth up to $1 million or more) of silicon wafers for processing, so smooth, precise, and reliable vertical motion is a must.
Tough sugar cane surrenders to tougher hydraulic harvester
Rubber-tired Case/Austoft Series 7000 harvester has 2510-mm wheelbase, can harvest green cane at the rate of 11/2 to 2 tons/min and burnt cane at the rate of 2 to 4 tons/min. Depending on field and crop conditions, travel speed is in the ...
Hydraulic Cylinder Drives RV Slideout Room
Battery-powered motor with overload protection drives bi-directional gear pump.
Staged modulation improves forklift brake control
Pedal movement provides low-pressure braking for maneuverability, or high-pressure braking for fast, safe stops. Taylor Model TE-155S 80-hp diesel-powered forklift has more than 71/2-ton lift capacity and almost 15-mph ...
Compact pneumatic servovalve meets animation challenges
Unusual performance specifications, space limitations, budget restraints. That list reads like a typical design assignment. But when motions must be lifelike when observed by a close-up human audience appears at the end of the list, you know ...
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