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Jul 21, 2014

5 Things You Must Tell Your Hydraulic Equipment Supplier (OR 5 questions to ask your customer if you're a hydraulic designer!)

When sourcing a piece of hydraulic equipment, there are five things about the environment the machine will operate in, that you should always....More
Jul 13, 2014

How To Know WHEN To Change Your Hydraulic Filters

If you're changing your hydraulic filters on hours in service, you're either changing them too early or too late. If you change them early - before....More
Jul 05, 2014

The #1 Hydraulic Troubleshooting Tool You Can't Do Without

After much trial and error, I've developed and patented a special troubleshooting paint. So now when a hydraulic problem arises, all you have to do....More
Jun 29, 2014

3 BIG Problems Caused By Hot-Running Hydraulics

Energy contamination, a.k.a. heat is THE biggest enemy of a hydraulic system. Bigger than particle and water contamination these days, due mainly to....More
Jun 22, 2014

How NOT To Make Your Hydraulic Repairer Or Supplier Rich

If you're a hydraulic machine owner, or responsible for the same, one sure-fire way of transferring a scary amount of dinero from your bank account....More
Jun 15, 2014

How To Prevent Hydraulic Failures Resulting From Ignorance Or Omission

A checklist is a tool that serves a very important function: to INFORM and REMIND. In so doing, mistakes or omissions resulting from ignorance and/or....More
Cracked hydraulic piston pump housing
Jun 08, 2014

Why Filters are Dangerous in Hydraulic Pump and Motor Drain Lines

A cracked pump or motor housing due to a restricted (or blocked) case-drain line is far more common than you might think. Of course, if you forget to....More
Suction strainers: friend or foe? (photo credit: Stauff Corp.)
Jun 01, 2014

The Truth About Hydraulic Suction Strainers

Given that particle contamination of hydraulic oil reduces the service life of hydraulic components, it would seem logical that a hydraulic system....More
May 18, 2014

2 Ways Air Gets Into Hydraulic Cylinders... And How It Then Destroys Them!

When a mixture of air and oil is compressed in a hydraulic cylinder it can ignite and burn, or even explode! This is known as 'dieseling' or the '....More
hydraulic oi drum photo by Ell Brown
May 11, 2014

4 Ways to Make Your Hydraulic Oil Last Longer

Unless you're the owner of a lot of poorly maintained (read: leaky) hydraulic equipment, the price of gas and diesel is likely hurting your wallet....More
failed hydraulic cylinder
May 04, 2014

4 Ways to Reduce Hydraulic Cylinder Failure and Repair Costs

According to some studies, up to 25% of mechanical equipment failures are failures of design. If we apply this to hydraulic cylinders, then as many....More
hydraulic schematic drawing
Apr 27, 2014

The 3 Main Components of Life of Machine Ownership Cost and the Hydraulic Design Imperative

When biases such as 'getting rid of the oil' (and the leaks that usually go with it) and eliminating the need for in-house hydraulics expertise (....More
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