Brendan Casey is a war-weary and battle-scarred veteran of the hydraulics industry. He's the author of The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook, Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, Preventing Hydraulic Failures, The Definitive Guide to Hydraulic Troubleshooting, The Hydraulic Breakdown Prevention Blueprint and co-author of Hydraulics Made Easy and Advanced Hydraulic Control. And when he's not writing about hydraulics or teaching it, Brendan is flat-out helping consulting clients from a diverse range of industries solve their hydraulic problems. To contact him visit his company's Website:

Posts by Brendan Casey

in Hydraulics At Work Jul 27, 2015

2 Reasons NOT To Be Cheap When Buying Hydraulic Filters

Having the right filters in the right places is essential to the success of the contamination control effort. But it can be easily compromised by....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jul 20, 2015

Hydraulic Oil Cleanliness And Contamination Control: Not All Machines Are Equal

Hydraulic oil cleanliness is no longer THE most critical preventative maintenance issue. There are two reasons for this: the first is the word has....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jul 13, 2015

Why You Don't Want Your Hydraulics Wet And Warm

Micro biological or microbial contamination is basically the growth and colonization of bacteria in the oil. And as is the case with all organisms,....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jul 06, 2015

The ULTIMATE Troubleshooting Tool?

Wouldn't it be great to have an 'X-Ray' of the hydraulic system when you're trying to find or eliminate a problem? But unlike doctors, we don't have....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jun 29, 2015

Hydraulics Know-How: Just-In-Case versus Just-In-Time

A 'just in time' approach to learning (or learning more) about hydraulics is great in theory but doesn't work very well in practice. Because for just....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jun 22, 2015

One Simple Way To Remove Water From Hydraulic Oil

If you've worked with hydraulic equipment for any length of time, it's likely that you've come across a hydraulic system with cloudy oil. Oil becomes....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jun 15, 2015

Why You Should KNOW Your Hydraulic Oil's 'A.N.'

A hydraulic oil's oxidative condition is determined by an absolute measure of its total acid concentration. When oxygen combines with hydrocarbon....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jun 08, 2015

The Biggest Challenge Hydraulics Users Face Today

A lot of hydraulic equipment users - large and small - are in the same boat. But most are either unwilling or unable to recognize that when it comes....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jun 01, 2015

The Bitter-Sweet Nature of Proactive Maintenance

The ideal outcome from any maintenance inspection or proactive maintenance task is to find nothing wrong. But on the other hand, the discovery of a....More
in Hydraulics At Work May 25, 2015

How To Cool A Hot Hydraulic System

What are your options when faced with a hydraulic system that is overheating? Assuming the system's cooling circuit is working as it should, i.e. no....More

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