Brendan Casey is a war-weary and battle-scarred veteran of the hydraulics industry. He's the author of The Hydraulic Troubleshooting Handbook, Insider Secrets to Hydraulics, Preventing Hydraulic Failures, The Definitive Guide to Hydraulic Troubleshooting, The Hydraulic Breakdown Prevention Blueprint and co-author of Hydraulics Made Easy and Advanced Hydraulic Control. And when he's not writing about hydraulics or teaching it, Brendan is flat-out helping consulting clients from a diverse range of industries solve their hydraulic problems. To contact him visit his company's Website:

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in Hydraulics At Work Sep 29, 2014

The Key to Understanding - And Troubleshooting - Hydraulic Cylinder Drift

A simulation video which explains what happens when the piston-seal on a double-acting hydraulic cylinder leaks, and it becomes a displacement....More
in Hydraulics At Work Sep 22, 2014

The Pressure-Flow Conundrum And What It Means For Hydraulic Machine Reliability

Higher pressures mean higher force and torque is available from smaller components. And because the components are smaller in displacement, higher....More
in Hydraulics At Work Sep 15, 2014

The Hydraulic Fluid's Best Friend?

Regardless of whether the hydraulic fluid you use is a synthetic, high VI, ashless, zinc-free, multigrade or monograde -- or any other of the many....More
in Hydraulics At Work Sep 08, 2014

How To Eliminate Hydraulic Problems: Engineer Them Out

It's always a good idea to engineer out potential problems if you can. If you don't use an oil to water heat exchanger, cooling water can never....More
in Hydraulics At Work Sep 02, 2014

The Inherent Value Of Hydraulic Circuit Diagrams

In the hydraulics world, the ability to read a schematic diagram and the ability to troubleshoot effectively are often considered to go together, '....More
in Hydraulics At Work Aug 24, 2014

The 'Holy Grail' of All Hydraulics Skills?

The increasing complexity of today's hydraulic equipment means there's a lot to know about proactive maintenance if optimum reliability is to be....More
in Hydraulics At Work Aug 17, 2014

BAD: Designed-In Inefficiency - If You Want To Minimize Life-Of-Machine Ownership Costs

In a previous blog post, I talked about the importance of reliability and how it affects life-of-machine ownership cost (LOMOC). But to minimize....More
in Hydraulics At Work Aug 11, 2014

One Simple Way to Reduce Hydraulic Equipment Operating Costs

In the current trend of increasing energy costs, which appears to be underpinned by big-picture issues such as peak oil and carbon emission reduction....More
in Hydraulics At Work Aug 03, 2014

Climate Change And What It Means For YOUR Hydraulic Equipment

The apparent trend towards wider extremes in temperature has implications for anyone who designs, operates or services hydraulic equipment: the real....More
in Hydraulics At Work Jul 27, 2014

How To Monitor A Hydraulic Machine’s ‘Vital Signs'

What is your hydraulic machine's normal operating pressure? And normal operating temperature? Can you answer these two basic questions about the '....More