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As its name implies, Delavan Ag Pumps, Minneapolis, makes a variety of pumps for agricultural applications. However, Delavan also makes hydraulic cylinders, and not just for the ag market.

Delavan’s Series PML and PMH PowerMax hydraulic cylinders feature tie-rod construction and working pressure ratings of 2,500 psi and 3,000 psi, respectively. Both series come in standard bores of 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4, and 5 in. with ductile iron rod clevis and heat-treated piston rods. Derek Proulx, product manager at Delavan, says all cylinders are tested to 1½ times working pressure.

Delavan also offers two-stage hydraulic pumps, monoblock directional control valves, and flow-control valves. For more information, call Delavan Ag Pumps at (612) 333-3189, email, or visit

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