Packaging equipment makes extensive use of pneumatics technology because of its many benefits, and pneumatic cylinders prove especially versatile. They provide an economical and compact means of generating linear motion and also are clean, safe, and reliable.

Force applied by the cylinder is easily controlled by regulating pressure, and using an electronic regulator provides adjustable force on demand. Speed can be adjusted using simple needle valves or an electronic proportional valve that varies flow based on a control signal.

Nitra brand pneumatic cylinders, offered by Automation Direct, Cumming, Ga., now include G-Series double-acting cylinders, which lend themselves for use packaging, food processing and other high-speed machinery. These air cylinders have a 145-psi operating pressure and are interchangeable with other popular brands. The series was developed with a fully metric design to meet ISO 15552. Features include adjustable cushions for end-of-stroke deceleration for extension and retraction, internal magnetic material for sensor switching, G-thread (BSPP) female ports, and three sides of longitudinal slots for inserting and securing sensors.

All of Automation Direct’s G-Series cylinders have aluminum-alloy barrels and end caps, C45 chrome-plated piston rods, and die-cast aluminum heads. The series includes bore from 32mm to 100mm and maximum stroke from 25mm to 600mm. Mounting configurations include flange, rod clevis, rod eye, foot mount, spherical rear pivot, or rear pivot mounting options.

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