Sonceboz SA, Sonceboz-Sombeval, Switzerland, specializes in intelligent electrical drive systems for customized applications. Its product portfolio includes stepper motors, brushless DC motors, high-torque motors, and electrical linear drives together with customer-specific system solutions containing complete control electronics and associated mechanical elements, electronics, and sensors.

So what does any of this have to do with mobile hydraulics? Sonceboz recently introduced a smart actuator for use with mobile hydraulic valves on off-highway vehicles. The all-in-one actuator’s slim and compact housing encapsulates CAN drive electronics, an electric motor, and a gear train. Embedded sensorless closed-loop electronics provide on-board diagnostic and force detection, which can sense valve sticking and other failures.

Unlike solenoids, the actuator does not need a pilot circuit. Furthermore, dead-zone compensation aids positioning accuracy by compensating for wear and mechanical play. An efficient system to reduce power consumption is also available.

The actuator comes in 37- and 42-mm widths for easy assembly into a wide variety of sectional valves. It is also rated IP6k9k, making it compatible with the harsh environments usually encountered with mobile equipment, such as high humidity, dirt, and vibration. It is designed to operate in ambient temperatures from -40° to 100°C. 

For more information, call Sonceboz Corp., Ann Arbor, Mich., at (734) 622-0330, or click here.