Designer's Guide

The following tables are a collection of specifications and other information for more than 50 categories of fluid power products and services. Nearly 1,000 companies are represented. The tables and index listings were prepared from information supplied by those companies directly to the editors of Hydraulics & Pneumatics.

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Categories :

Accumulators Joints, rotating & swivel, pneumatic
Actuators, rotary Lubricators, air line 
Air logic devices Manifolds
Clutches & brakes Motors, air
Compressors  Motors, hydraulic
Couplings, quick connect, hydraulic Motors, low-speed/high-torque
Couplings, quick connect, pneumatic Pumps
Cylinders Related products, contamination control, recondition, repair services
Dryers Reservoirs, accessories
End effectors Seals, scrapers, back-up rings & boots
Filters, air line Shock absorbers & dampers
Filters, hydraulic Software
Fittings, tube & port, hydraulic Support hardware
Fittings, tube & port, pneumatic Switches, flow
Fluids, hydraulic Switches, level
Gauges, pressure & flow, hydraulic Switches, pressure & temp., hydraulic
Gauges, pressure & flow, pneumatic Switches, pressure & temp., pneumatic
Heat exchangers Switches, proximity & limit
Hose, fittings & assemblies, hydraulic Transducers
Hose, fittings & assemblies, pneumatic Tubing and Rod
Hydrostatic drives Valves, directional control
Intensifiers Valves, electrohydraulic servo
Interface devices Valves, flow control
Joints, rotating & swivel, hydraulic Valves, pressure control


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